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Fresno is a large city located in the San Joaquin Valley of California. Being a company that buys used cars in the city, you are already aware of the fierce competition. So in order to attract more customer attention, you’re going to upgrade your Fresno cash for cars Website by having an employee “brainstorming” session seeking fresh ideas; something along these lines.

Arlene, since you’ve been answering the office phones and emails all these years, why don’t you go first. “Well, I’ve been working here a long time and know that we have a good reputation here in Fresno for honesty, and treating all of our customers with respect regardless if we buy their car or not. We get a lot of return business by doing what we say we’ll do, and giving the sellers a square deal. But I really think we need to expand our online exposure to make it easier for new customers. Things like getting some information upfront so we’ll know how to take the next step in making the seller happy.”

Good points, Arlene. Fred, you’re our new sales manager. Can you come up with some clever ideas to make things smoother for new online customer wannabes who are looking to sell their car, truck or SUV?

“You know, boss, the other day I was thinking that since we buy all kinds of cars, what might make the contacts easy for our customers and our company, is to insert on our Website a short, concise, mini-application. The seller tells us the make and year of the vehicle, what they owe, if anything, and some brief contact information. Then using the Kelly Blue Book, we can check value comparisons, and if things look good, we contact the seller, find the location of the car, and set up an appointment to meet. Bob, our mechanic, and I can check everything out, look at the registration and “pink slip” if any, then make the seller a cash offer on the spot.
How about this slogan: "Cash for your car made simple."

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